Robot Registration

Online registration is required for this year's Robothon.

Please register your robot(s) so that we can plan the amount of time for each of the events at Robothon. There is no registration fee. Register all the robots that you think might be ready in time for Robothon, even if they are not ready now. We would prefer to over-estimate the number of robots for our planning efforts to reduce the chance of running out of time to complete the events.

Note: each person is welcome to register multiple robots, even multiple robots per event. In situations where there are too many robots registered for the time allotted, we reserve the right to restrict entries to one robot per event.

You can see a list of the currently registered robots on the registered robots page.

If you have questions or want to update a registration, please email register.

Thank you, and we'll see you at Robothon!

Important: Registration for Combat Robot competitions is handled by Western Allied Robotics via The Builders Database.

Please include all contact information. We will not publish your email or phone number. We will show your name, location, and robot names on the registered robots page.

Location: (e.g. City & State or Country)

Enter the names of the robots that you wish to run in the contest. For multiple robots in a single contest, enter each of the names with commas between them.

Demonstration tables are available for displaying your robots (working or not). The tables are 8 feet long by 30 inches deep. Enter a short description of your display in the text box below, or in the comment box.

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Walker Race:
Demonstration Tables:

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