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Results for Robothon 2003

Antweight Competitors| FireFighting Competitors
Mini-Sumo Advanced Competitors| Mini-Sumo Traditional Competitors
Line Maze Competitors| 3kg Sumo Competitors

Antweight Competition
  • First Place: Rob Purdy - ACDS (Adam's Cowardly Door Stop)
  • Second Place: Adam Conus - The Fly by Team Wildcard
  • Third Place: Scott Ferguson - Hexy Micro

Antweight Rumble Winner: Ratastrophe by Team Naive (Brett Dawson, driven by Rob Trousdale)
Antweight Rumble Competitors: Ripple, B-Cubed, El Cheapo, Ratastrophe, The Fly, and Hexy Micro

FireFighting Competition
  • First Place: Mark Castilucio - Dead Line
  • Second Place: Ted Larson - Flame Out
  • Third Place: Dan Stormont - Crawler 2

Advanced Mini Sumo Competition
  • First Place: Pete Burrows - Stalker
  • Second Place: Kristina Miles - Black Widow
  • Third Place: Sally Burrows - Sally

Advanced Mini Sumo Chart

Traditional Mini Sumo Competition
  • First Place: Bob Cook - Screech
  • Second Place: Bob Cook - Velox
  • Third Place: Greg Barello - Poodle with a Mohawk

Traditional Mini Sumo Chart

Line Maze Competition
  • First Place: Greg Verge - Cyclops, Time: 0:52.6
  • Second Place: Cathy Saxton - Twisty, Time 2:00.5
  • Third Place: Omar Rodriguez Pureco (from Mexico) -
                        Sticky Guy, Time 2:06.0

3kg Sumo Competition
  • First Place: Pete Miles - Pete's Minion
  • Second Place: Pete Burrows - Nemesis 3kg
  • Third Place: Kristina Miles - Cannon Fodder

3kg Sumo Chart

Judges Awards
  • Judge's Choice Award: Dafydd Walters - Open Automation Project
  • Coolest Robot: Scott Ferguson - Hexi-micro
  • Coolest Robot: Greg Verge - Cyclops
  • Best Engineered Robot: David Hrynkiw - Solarbotics
  • Best Enginnered Robot: Troy Harmer - Top Spin
  • Most Innovative Robot: Casey Holmes - Nano Scoop
  • Most Innovative Robot: David Anderson - n-Bot
  • Most Unusual Robot: University of Washington - Micro Gravity
  • Most Unusual Robot: Monty Goodson - Mouse Trap
  • Most Useful Robot: Greg Fredericksen - Freddy the Teacher

Antweight Competitor List
Name Robot
Team Naive (Brett Dawson, driven by Rob Trousdale) Ratastrophe
Team Naive (Cara Plata, driven by Matt DeGrate) El Cheapo
Team Wildcard (Adam Conus) The Fly
Rich Olson B-Cubed
North Seattle Robotics Group Shipping Tape
North Seattle Robotics Group Screw You
Rob Purdy Ripple
Rob Purdy ACDS (Adam's Cowardly Door Stop)
? Spike
Sean Hyde Spinners Rule
Scott Ferguson Hexy Micro

FireFighting Competitor List
Name Robot
Mark Castilucio Dead Line
Ted Larson Flame Out
Dan Stormont Crawler 2

Advanced Mini-Sumo Competitor List
Name Robot
Dave Hylands Marauder
Pete Skeggs Stella Luna
Dave Hrynkiw Strong Bad
Dave Hrynkiw Sumovore Delux
Kristina Miles Oops
Kristina Miles Black Widow
Sally Burrows Sally
Pete Burrows Stalker
Pete Burrows Nemesis
Dave Hylands Wipeout

Traditional Mini-Sumo Competitor List
Name Robot
Tom Dickens Domey
Tom Dickens Stealth 3
Jackie Peterman Sorsbot
Ian Peterman Mercury
Richard Hartman Clownin Around
John Peterman Easy
Dan Stormont Brick
Dan Stormont Oin
Dan Stormont Fili
Dan Stormont Beam Me Up
Dan Stormont Gloin
Rob Campbell Prion
Ian McIvor Araneomorph
Ian McIvor Clone II
Dave Hylands Bugsy
Bob Cook Igor
Bob Cook Screech
Bob Cook Velox
Landon Meernik Doom Hammer
Eli Skeggs Changebot
John and Josh Cole Big Wheel
Jack Lawrence First Try
Greg Barello Rabid Wombat
Greg Barello Poodle with a Mohawk
Tyler Evans Short Circuit
Steve Evans Max
Tom Saxton Joker
Mark Curry ICQ2
Miles Brownell Xbot
Jonah Stagner Faudder
Kurt Duclos Zoom
Chris O'Dowd POD

Line Maze Competitor List
Name Robot
Cathy Saxton Twisty
Greg Verge Cyclops
Bob Cook Machine de Labyrinthe
John McIvor Linus
Ruben Anaya Pumita
Omar Rodriguez Pureco Sticky Guy
Omar Rodriguez Pureco,
Rafael Urretabizkaya Garbus

3kg Sumo Competitor List
Name Robot
Jeff Austin Woody
Tom Dickens Leo
Pete Burrows Nemesis 3kg
Kristina Miles Cannon Fodder
Pete Miles Pete's Minion